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History reveals millionaires and people who are financially stable have one thing in common. They have several income streams or residual income.

HLNet is a Community Network with online and local Platforms. Our business model has 3 income streams including residual income. We promote small and home-based business to make them profitable. Building confidence, we help our members succeed with the help of our new business model. Free members can access the marketing plan in the client’s section of the website!


HL Net will provide the business model and the training.  We received our strength to help ourselves and to help those who are unable to help themselves.  Laws were made to enslave us and laws were made to set us free.  By helping each other.. we will realize our level of freedom.

Imagine the feelings of owning your own business with minimum investment; you will never be unemployed, default on your mortgage payment, HOA assessment, student loan, car payment or unable to pay your bills; all your basic financial needs will be met and you would have the opportunity to earn unlimited income.

This will be your experience when you learn and follow the instruction of HL Net’s Divine prosperity business model. This Divine business model was revealed to share with all people, to strengthen our finances, promote healthy families and communities; to bring awareness and understanding to two of our most precious gifts. life and the world. Life represents the time the world represents space. This business model brings opportunity and hopes to help one family at a time, every home is a sanctuary and a business. The Divine prosperity business model is also known as the member's referral business model. This business model is the first of its kind. I have no knowledge of any similar business model in the past. This is a consumer business model!

HL Net. Inc. reserve the right to modify this compensation plan with reasonable notice.

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